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Promotion of Indian Traditional Sport Gilli Danda in Kolkata

Kolkata, April 21, 2024: With the aim of reviving the ancient Indian game Gilli Danda, a vibrant workshop was organized by the Indian Gilli ...

Kolkata, April 21, 2024: With the aim of reviving the ancient Indian game Gilli Danda, a vibrant workshop was organized by the Indian Gilli Danda Association in collaboration with the Gilli Danda Association of Bengal on April 21 at the Cultural Center of Kolkata. The event witnessed an enthusiastic participation with a mix of old players and newcomers who were excited to learn the intricacies of the game.

Gilli Danda, which is experiencing a return to its original roots as an ancient Indian game, has recently been resonating with growing enthusiasm, driven by efforts to preserve and encourage traditional games across the country.

This workshop aimed to introduce the intricacies of Gilli Danda to a larger audience, generating interest among enthusiasts of all ages to promote enthusiasm and development of skills.

“We believe that Gilli Danda has special cultural significance and inherent value, and it is our endeavor to ensure that this traditional game survives in the modern age,” said Master B., Technical Director, Indian Gilli Danda Association. K India said. “Through this workshop and similar grass root level initiatives, we hope to ignite an enthusiasm for Gilli Danda among the youth and preserve our rich sporting heritage.”

The workshop included interactive sessions covering various aspects of Gilli Danda, teaching players about correct techniques, including how to properly hold the Gilli (a small wooden stick) and how to use the Danda (a larger wooden stick). Including hitting techniques. Additionally, participants also received information about the rules and strategies involved in the game, as well as its historical significance.

“We are glad to see such a diverse group of people coming together to celebrate our cultural heritage through sports,” said Mr Paras Mishra, President of the Bengal Association. "Gilli Danda is not just a game; it is a reflection of our traditions and values. Such programs help us connect with our roots."

The program received overwhelming support from the local community, and most of the participants promised to continue practicing Gilli Danda in their communities and spread awareness about the sport.

As the sun shone on the Kolkata sky, accompanied by sounds of laughter and camaraderie, the spirit of Gilli Danda seemed to have found a new home in the hearts of the city's residents. With initiatives like the Kolkata Gilli Danda Workshop leading the way, the undying charm of this ancient game is set to endure for generations to come. Certificate distribution in the closing ceremony was done by Mr. Supriyo Biswas, Secretary of the State Association and Master B., Technical Director of the Indian Gilli Danda Association. Made by India.

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